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Dr Funk Sándor addiktológus szakorvos Coral Centrum

Neurologist, Psychiatrist, specialist in Addictology

Consulting hours: Wednesday 16-20 

For the last 25 years Dr. Funk served as head of the Addictology Department of the Nyírő Gyula Hospital.

During this time, Dr. Funk has gained deep knowledge and expertise, not only in methods of treatment of addictive disorders but also the understanding and experience of ways to best communicate with patients.

The major portion of the patients treated were alcohol addicted (a smaller portion were treated for drug addition and other disturbances). Thus treatment of addictive disease caused by alcohol is the area in which Dr, Funk is most experienced.

The addiction is preventable, but if present, it is definitely curable!


Addictology consultation 45 minutes: 17,500 Ft.
Addictology control consultation 30 minutes: 10,000 Ft.

To set an appointment please call:
06-1-413-0523, 30/244-1903 
or use our online registration form.

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