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Dr. Ágnes Rosenberg
Visiting hours:Tuesday 17-19
Languages spoken: ENGLISH, GERMAN

Dr. Judit Halász
Visiting hours:Thursday 8.30-10.30
Languages spoken: ENGLISH

Dr. Gaál Tibor
Visiting hours:Friday afternoon
Languages spoken: ENGLISH

Neurological ambulatory care

Neurology is the specialty of medicine and deals with diagnosis and treatment organic diseases of the nervous system - the brain, the spinal cord, and the nerves. Since the nervous system disorders may be accompanied by diseases of other organs of the body, neurological examination may be part of any general medical examination. Also, in the majority of patients with neurological complaints, the examining neurologist often involvels additional medical specialists.

You should contact the neurologist with the following diseases and symptoms

  • Neurology Coral Medical Center BudapestChronic pain, headache, dizzyness, vizula disturbances, facial pain, facial paralysis;
  • Paralysis, numbness;
  • Pain or weakness of limbs,walking problems
  • stubborn hiccups, tinnitus
  • Disorders in coordination of movement and balance, tremors, shivering, Parkinson's disease. Tremors are rhythmically repetitive, involuntary, rapid movements of small amplitude, most common on the limbs. Certain types of tremors do not indicate a serious illness, but may be uncomfortable is writing, eating, use of other tools. Tremor may strengthen is stress conditions, use of stimulant drugs, awkward body postures, etc..
  • Loss of consciousness, seizures, epilepsy, irritability, sleeping difficulty;
  • Thinking and memory problems.

Main activities at Coral Medical Center neurology ambulatory care

  • Evaluation of complains and treatment of headaches, problems of dizziness;
  • Management of spinal complaints, lumbago;
  • Management of loss of conciousness, epilepsy
  • Management of numbness of limbs, pain of neuroloic origin (neuropathies), neurologic complications of metabolic diseases;
  • Examination and treatment of memory problems;.
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