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Novel early medical diagnosis ♦ Oncology screening ♦ Fast and reliable test for diagnosis of disease of internal organs

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Medex Test is a revolutionary and powerful early diagnostic screening system.   Tested  in trials on hundreds of patients worldwide, it provides highly accurate and advanced computerized screening for internal organ pathologies. It offers second opinion alternative and support for accuracy and fast decision of  physician about the condition of patient.  Its accuracy is high: Up to 94% for early-stage diagnosis of internal organ disorder.

Medex Test is fast, painless, radiation-free, non-invasive, inexpensive, and simple to use. It combines the principles of pathophysiology and neuroreflexology to help in the early diagnosis of diseases involving the:

  • Cardiovascular System
  • Respiratory System
  • Gastrointestinal System
  • Immune System
  • Endocrine System
  • Urogenital System
  • Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems

Medex Test is principally designed to detect early cancers and tumors of the colon, liver, stomach and most other organs.

Medex Test can distinguish between acute and chronic conditions, and is unaffected by dense tissue or obesity. Its early disease detection capability helps minimize unnecessary tests, and/or pinpoints areas of concern which may require further investigation.

The Medex Test device has regulatory approvals in Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific.

How  it works

Medex test can detect the first signs of illness, often even when these are unnoticed by the patient. The reason is that the complex organization of the human nervous system allow these signs to be detectable from the earliest stage of illness in the reflex zones of the body's surface. The Medex test device measures and collects information from these special reflex zones on the hands and feet and its revolutionary software translate the computerized data it into comprehensive putative diagnosis. The data measured is electrical conductivity and resistance that in case of illness of an internal organ differs from normal values at the specific reflex zones corresponding to the relevant organ. Such differences  reflect changes in organ function. It is principally designed to detect early cancers and tumors of the colon, liver, stomach and most other organs.

Medex Test produces an on-the-spot diagnosis, and generates printable results for patients to present to referring doctors, hospitals and clinics.Medex Teszt Coral Szakorvosi Centrum

The medical practitioner measures the electrical skin resistance (ESR) of 24 known zones (6 around the wrist, 6 around the ankle on each side of the body) with a special sensor. The ESR's are recorded again after a one-minute electric stimulation of 4 additional specific zones (using a frequency 100Hz and current intensity 25mA).

The Medex software analyzes all the data collected using special algorithms, and translates the analyzed data into visual information displayed on the system's screen. The displayed information allows the health professional to pre-diagnose any problems, determine whether the disorder is acute or chronic, and to recommend further evaluation. The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes and is painless. The results are immediate!


The Test is advisable for

  • Healthy patients as screening 
  • Diagnosis of disturbances of the internal organs
  • Follow-up of treatments
  • Early diagnosis of cancers 

The test is not suitable for

Children under 6 years of age. patients with amputated limbs. pateints under radiotherapy or chemotherapy and patients suffering from certain disease conditions of the peripheral nervous system.

Medex Teszt Coral Szakorvosi Centrum

In preparation for the test, during about 30 minutes before the test, please do not consume any food and avoid physical activity.

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